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Reflex Logistics is a business unit of Hardis Group, an IT solutions and services company with offices in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, and Germany.

Reflex provides software and services to optimize and orchestrate supply chain networks and logistics flows. Our modular software provides solutions for logistics execution in all types of fulfillment centers (warehouses, factories, stores, and urban hubs), and for supply chain visibility and collaboration.

With 30 years of history, Reflex software has enabled reliable, efficient, and agile logistics operations at more than 1,500 facilities worldwide.

We are committed to designing innovative, flexible, and open solutions that constantly adapt to the latest logistics challenges.


Our history

The Reflex WMS warehouse management system was first released in 1994. Since then, the Reflex software suite has grown to address logistics execution challenges in all types of fulfillment centers, as well as the latest omnichannel and collaborative supply chain needs.

1984 - Hardis Group is founded

Hardis Group, the parent company of Reflex Logistics, was founded.


1994: Reflex WMS is launched

From the outset, the Reflex WMS warehouse management system was designed with and for 3PLs. To this day, these origins continue to influence the design of our software, which is built with the versatility to adapt to all sectors and company sizes.

1996: Reflex WMS expands into new sectors
Reflex continued to incorporate modules and features to respond to new sectors—retail, supermarkets, manufacturing, and more—and began to cater to the needs of companies with in-house logistics management. 


First partnerships with software integrators
Reflex Logistics fueled its expansion by partnering up with software integrators. Today, Reflex’s network of integrators operates worldwide.


2012: Reflex WMS SaaS is released
The solution is hosted in Hardis Group’s private cloud.

2015: Eyesee, the autonomous inventory drone, is invented

2017: Hardis Group Iberia, the first international subsidiary, is opened

2017: Reflex In-Store is launched
To address the new challenges of omnichannel and decentralized logistics, a new software solution adapted to new logistics fields—stores and urban hubs—was launched.

2018: Hardis Group Benelux is opened


2020: Reflex WMS for Factory is launched
Features designed to manage manufacturing logistics were incorporated into Reflex WMS.

2021: Hardis Group Polska is opened

2023: Reflex is released in Google Cloud Platform

2023: Reflex Visibility, a supply chain collaboration platform, is launched
Three solutions for supply chain visibility and collaboration were launched: Reflex Control Tower, Reflex Order Tracking, and Reflex Unified Inventory.

Reflex Logistics, the supply chain division of Hardis Group

Reflex Logistics is a division of Hardis Group, a corporate group that specializes in software design, IT services, consulting, and Salesforce integration.

  • 35+ years
  • 1,700 employees
  • €186m revenue in 2023

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