Celio* uses Reflex WMS to manage logistics flows in its new warehouse north of Paris

Men's clothing retailer
Mechanized warehouse covering 32,000m2 which can be expanded up to 42,000m2 in Amblainville (25 miles north of Paris)
Reflex WMS

We were very satisfied with the tool and had no reason to change it. So we naturally turned to Hardis Group to support us in implementing new logistics processes.

Wilfrid Leriche
Logistics Manager at celio*

The project at a glance

In 2011, to handle the growth of its business over the long term, celio* decided to group together all its logistics flows for the north of France in a new 32,000m2 mechanized warehouse. Having used Reflex WMS since 2009, the retailer entrusted Hardis Group with the computerization of logistics processes in this new warehouse. The triple challenge of construction, mechanization and computerization was carried out in just nine months. Result: processing capacity has increased by 50% and quality of service provided to stores has improved significantly.

Context and objectives

Since it was established in 1985, celio* has become a must-have international brand in men’s off-the-rack clothing, with nearly 4,000 employees and 1,100 stores in 60 countries selling 35 million items per year.

Until 2012, celio* relied on one warehouse in Salon de Provence for the whole of the south of France and three in the Greater Paris region (Villetaneuse, Chambly and Croissy-Beaubourg) for the rest of the country to manage all its logistics flows in France. But with growth of 10% to 15% a year, the Greater Paris region warehouses soon became overloaded, even requiring the use of overflow warehouses at peak times (new collections, Christmas, sales, etc.).

In 2011, the retailer decided to group its three Greater Paris region logistics platforms together in a completely new 32,000m2 mechanized warehouse (expandable to 42,000m2) in Amblainville.

The solution

celio* had been using Reflex WMS to manage its warehouses since 2009. As it was very satisfied with the tool, the retailer naturally chose to continue working with Hardis Group. Construction began on the new warehouse in August 2011. Hardis Group, Knapp and celio* teams worked hand in hand on the construction, mechanization and computerization of the warehouse through to its final delivery in May 2012. For Hardis Group, the biggest job was interfacing Reflex WMS with the WCS (warehouse control system) in accordance with the target processes defined at the outset. A pilot phase enabled them to test every possible scenario, and above all to train celio* teams and help them to understand the changes.

The benefits
  • Simplified logistics flows grouped into a single warehouse
  • Processing capacity increased by around 50%
  • Picking accuracy levels of nearly 99.8%
  • Lower cost of processing per item
  • Improved working conditions for employees