Codifrance uses Reflex WMS to support its pursuit of operational excellence

A 25,000 sq. m central warehouse in Châteauneuf-sur-Loire, north-central France
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We deployed Reflex WMS in the middle of the lockdown, just when we were seeing a spike in business. The system allowed us to cope with the increase in demand. We’ve achieved gains all along the chain—from incoming deliveries and storage, to order preparation and shipping

Anthony Meiller
Director, Codifrance

The project at a glance

Local food retailer Codifrance has chosen Reflex WMS to manage its central warehouse. As a result, the company has raised service standards and improved its adherence to delivery lead times, prompting greater satisfaction among its customers—all of which are independently run convenience stores. And as well as cutting the cost of credit and transport, Codifrance expects Reflex WMS to deliver productivity gains of around 5%.

Context and objectives

Codifrance is a local food retailer founded in 1945. Known primarily for the Coccinelle, Coccimarket, and Panier Sympa brands, it joined Colruyt Group (Belgium) in 1996. From its 25,000 sq. m central warehouse, the company ships a range of 8,000 items (dry, chilled, and frozen) to local hubs, and then on to 1,500 customers. All orders are delivered to store two days later.

In 2018, senior managers decided to replace the firm’s main computer systems after realizing they were outdated and holding back its pursuit of operational excellence. They opted to start with the warehouse management system, which was central to Codifrance’s business, as well as equipping operators with a pick-by-voice application to make order preparation tasks simpler and more reliable.

The solution

Codifrance invited bids from interested vendors and, after reviewing the proposals, opted for Reflex WMS in April 2019—in part because it scored highly for functional criteria, but also because of the human side: “Hardis Group’s consultants genuinely listened to us, understood our business, and shared our corporate values,” says Christophe Jacquet, Head of Logistics Operations, Codifrance.

The project began in June 2019. In March 2020, Codifrance switched its dry and frozen food operations over to the new system. The roll-out was finalized in October 2020 when chilled produce was also migrated to Reflex WMS. In the coming months, Reflex WMS will be interfaced with the company’s new ERP and with a transport management system (TMS).

The benefits
  • Time saved on incoming deliveries
  • Enhanced visibility and traceability for pallet storage
  • Marked uplift in service standards (saving the firm at least €150,000 each year)
  • Major productivity gains, with a 5% improvement targeted for 2021
  • Optimized delivery rounds, ensuring goods leave on time
  • Transport costs down by 1%
  • Voice picking solution has made life easier for pickers