Decathlon’s franchise Marebam Réunion manages its in-store logistics with Reflex

3 stores, covering a total of 21,000 m² (surface area of the sale floor and stockrooms)
Reflex In-Store Logistics

« Reflex In-Store Logistics will improve interactions between the sales floor and the stockroom. What’s more, it covers the full range of store logistics management features as standard, and it will be easier to upgrade and maintain. »

Stéphane Lemaitre
Director of Marebam-Decathlon Réunion


Given that it takes six weeks for replenishment deliveries to arrive, Decathlon stores on the island of Réunion have stockrooms adjoining the sales floor, unlike stores in mainland France. In 2015, Marebam, Decathlon’s franchise in Reunion, launched a project to computerize the stock management of its stores: after having customized Reflex WMS to ensure that the application was suited to the retail outlets’ particular needs, the company migrated to Reflex In-Store Logistics, an application that was specifically developed to respond to stores’ logistical needs and requirements.

Context and objectives

Specializing in the distribution of sport and leisure items, Decathlon Réunion has three stores on the island in Saint-Pierre, Sainte-Suzanne and Saint-Denis (under construction). The company worked with our partner Avenir Logistic Conseil to optimize stock management in its stores (6,800 m² of stockrooms for 14,300 m² of sales floor).

The solution

Initially, Avenir Logistic Conseil configured Reflex WMS and developed specific features for the warehouse management software so that it met the retail outlets’ particular needs and logistical requirements. After rolling out the application in 2015 and 2016 in two stores (Sainte-Suzanne and Saint-Pierre), Marebam-Decathlon Réunion migrated to Reflex In-Store Logistics in 2020 to manage its stock in its three stores; the application launched in 2017 was designed for the specific demands of retail outlets and was easier to use.

The benefits

  • Complete visibility of in-store stock (sales floor and stockrooms)
  • Automation of the restocking process for the sales floor to prevent on-shelf stock shortages
  • Optimized order preparation
  • Increased availability of sales staff after the creation of a dedicated logistics teams to support retail operations
  • Less time spent moving around and searching for products