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FM Logistic adopts Reflex WMS in France and abroad

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Reflex WMS

We’re working closely with Hardis Group’s R&D team to design new standard features for the application. With this approach, the two annual updates are rolled out quickly systematically, meaning we benefit from the very latest Reflex features, while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Rodolphe Bey
Reflex Department Manager - Warehousing Support Director, FM Logistic Group

The project at a glance

In 2016, FM Logistic decided to migrate complex logistics operations for its clients from proprietary warehouse management systems to Reflex WMS. As of 2022, three-quarters of these operations are now managed by Reflex, in Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. The logistics service provider handles all migrations and new launches internally, without outside support. Through a co-development partnership with Hardis Group, FM Logistic has been able to standardize its processes, drawing on the increasingly rich range of features available in Reflex WMS.

Context and objectives

Since its creation in 1967, FM Logistic has gradually established itself as a French and global leader in logistics, particularly in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and e-commerce markets.

To manage logistics for its clients, FM Logistic has historically relied 60% on WMS applications developed in-house, but the investments required to adapt them to complex preparation tasks and the specific needs of e-commerce and omnichannel retail turned out to be too costly. In 2013, the logistics service provider decided to gradually replace them with an off-the-shelf solution, enabling its in-house IT services unit to focus on software integration rather than specific developments.

The solution

In 2014, after examining solutions from several vendors, FM Logistic chose Reflex WMS for all group-wide operations. In addition to the application’s flexible configuration options and robust design, FM Logistic was won over by Hardis Group’s ability to design a core model tailored to its clients’ business sectors and directly connected to its other IT tools to quickly get sites up and running one after the other.

Since 2016, FM Logistic has migrated or launched 246 client operations under Reflex WMS, including 133 in Western Europe (France, Italy, and Spain), 79 in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania), and 34 in Eastern Europe (Russia and Ukraine). The logistics firm now uses Hardis Group’s application in eight languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Czech, and Romanian.

FM Logistic and Hardis Group have forged a fully fledged partnership that has seen new features and APIs added to the standard version of Reflex WMS, allowing the logistics service provider to deploy the application at speed and seamlessly integrate it into its logistics systems (transport management and reservation system, co-packing system, control towers, mechanized systems, and more)

The benefits
  1. A customizable, stable and scalable warehouse management system
  2. Optimization of complex preparation tasks
  3. Implementation of a core model to reduce deployment times
  4. Autonomy to deploy Reflex WMS
  5. Short learning curve and an improved user experience
  6. Ability to manage mechanized and automated systems