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The Legendre Group chooses Reflex WMS in SaaS mode

Logistics and multimodal transport services
19 sites including 6 on customers’ sites, 130,000m2 of warehouses
Reflex WMS SaaS

Reflex offers all the functionality we need for our multi-sector business. Its reputation is a major plus when prospecting new customers and a real competitive advantage in the market, already enabling us to gain market share.

Damien Tricard
Deputy CEO Logistics and Trade

The project at a glance

The Legendre Group has chosen Reflex WMS in SaaS mode to handle its customers’ logistics. As a result of implementing Reflex WMS, Legendre has become more flexible and more able to adapt to its customers’ various business lines but has also improved operating quality in a highly competitive sector.

Context and objectives

Established in 1945, the Legendre Group is a family business offering customized multimodal transport and logistics services. The multi-sector nature of its business requires its processes and tools to be highly adaptable to its customers’ specific requirements.

In 2012, Legendre decided to replace its WMS, which it had been using since 1995, as it required significant costly developments to adapt to the diversification of its activities and markets. Eleven software vendors were invited to tender. The logistics and storage department wanted a highly versatile solution offering extensive functional coverage so it could be adapted to new contracts simply by changing parameters. The new WMS software also needed to be available in SaaS mode to reduce IT costs.

The solution

Having shortlisted three software vendors, Legendre quickly chose Reflex WMS for its features, reputation among customers and Hardis’ seven-year commitments. After 20 days of training, internal teams were able to lead the project: it took less than two years to deploy the tool to the company’s 19 sites in France (130,000m2 of warehouses), including implementing more than 280 types of interface (nearly 300 users), configuring the 150 customer accounts and interfacing with their information systems.

The benefits
  • WMS in SaaS mode providing scalable, extensive functional coverage
  • The tool can be adapted to customers’ specific requirements
  • Internal IT team autonomy to deploy Reflex WMS