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The Dutch 3PL provider Nabuurs works with Hardis Group to modernize its logistics tools

logistics provider
14 warehouses totaling 200,000 m2
Reflex WMS

Reflex WMS features intuitive graphic interfaces, so our operators have found it quick and easy to get to grips with the system. And on the IT side, we’re able to implement process change requests quickly, without outside assistance.

Mariska de Wildt
IT Manager at Nabuurs

The project at a glance

Nabuurs is a logistics provider, specializing in the fast-moving consuming goods sector. The company chose Reflex WMS to replace its aging warehouse management software and to develop its e-commerce and omnichannel logistics service activities. At the same time, the 3PL provider also plans to implement Hardis Group’s Eyesee inventory-taking drone solution.

Context and objectives

Nabuurs is one of the leading logistics providers for the fast-moving consuming goods sector in the Benelux region. The company has over 20 branch offices and more than 1,300 employees. It has an annual revenue in excess of €100 million.

To manage its 14 warehouses (some of which are operated directly, some of which are outsourced), totaling 200,000 m2, Nabuurs used a WMS. But it was an aging system: its update support had ended and it didn’t manage e-commerce flows as standard. What’s more, the company’s staff were unable to configure logistics process and flow changes without outside assistance. In view of these issues, the decision was taken to switch to a new information systems strategy to support the company’s growth.

The solution

After working with an external consultant to help draft the specifications, Nabuurs invited several WMS vendors to bid for the contract, shortlisting 2 and finally choosing Reflex WMS. In June 2019, Nabuurs began a pilot migration project with Essity, a manufacturer of hygiene products such as tissues, pantyliners and diapers. Located in Heijen in the Netherlands, this logistics site handles both B2B and B2C deliveries, has an average of 16,000 locations and is directly connected to the production plant via a fully mechanized system.

After the success of this first roll-out, Nabuurs’ teams rolled out Reflex WMS without outside assistance to a small warehouse totaling 3,800 m2 in Haps. The migration of a third multi-customer, multi-activity warehouse is expected to be completed by late 2020. Nabuurs’ IT team is planning to develop a core model to accelerate future roll-outs.

Drawn to Hardis Group’s commitment to innovation in logistics execution, in addition to the roll-out of Reflex, the 3PL provider is considering rolling out the Eyesee inventory drone system and migrating some of its business applications to the cloud.

The benefits
  • Modernization of logistics tools to support growth
  • Ability to manage B2B and B2C (e-commerce) flows at the same time
  • Agility to meet process change requests
  • The application’s short learning curve with its intuitive graphic interface
  • A partnership in logistics execution, built on innovation