Production logistics

Tubauto migrates from Reflex WMS C/S to Reflex WMS Web to manage its logistics warehouse

Manufacturer of garage doors and front doors
A 17,500 sq. m logistics warehouse
Reflex WMS Web

If we hadn’t migrated, we wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of the WCS Master module that simplifies exchanges between the WMS and the WCS and enables real-time control of the PLC

Sébastien Simon
Process Manager, Tubauto SAS

The project at a glance

In July 2020, Tubauto migrated from Reflex WMS C/S to Reflex WMS Web to manage its logistics warehouse. The manufacturer of garage doors and front doors can now take advantage of the latest features of Reflex and WCS Master to manage mechanization (storage tower for spare parts). The company also used the migration to switch to an Android-based radio frequency scanner system.

Context and objectives

Founded in 1933, Tubauto is a manufacturer of garage doors and front doors. The company, which operates out of a 150,000 sq. m facility near Sens in the Yonne department, produces overhead doors for the French market, carries out pre-assembly and finishing operations on sectional doors manufactured in Germany by its parent company (Hörmann), and handles the logistics (for the French market) of all the group’s products for the home. On its 150,000 sq. m site, 11,500 sq. m are dedicated to production and 17,500 sq. m are dedicated to the logistics of products and spare parts from Germany.

Since 2015, Tubauto has used the C/S version of Reflex WMS to manage warehouse logistics over an area spanning 17,500 sq. m and manage the reception of finished products (overhead doors), downstream from its production lines. The company migrated to Reflex WMS Web in July 2020 in order to take advantage of the software’s latest features.

The solution

Reflex WMS Web is coupled with other software, such as the ERP Brain, EDI for transport coming from Germany, and PTV for transport in France. Since late February 2021, Reflex has been used to manage a Kardex Remstar PLC (storage tower for spare parts).

Tubauto is also considering using Reflex WMS for Factory to manage raw materials and consumables upstream of the production of overhead doors.

The benefits
  • Reflex WMS Web’s scalability
  • Intuitive order preparation system (Android-based RF scanners)
  • Minimal need for specific developments
  • Ability to manage a PLC with WCS Master