Tunisian retail giant UTIC Group opts for Reflex WMS to manage its logistics platforms

Specialized retail
30,000 sq m warehouse in Mornag, Tunisia
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Having a new, expandable, automated warehouse equipped with Reflex WMS gives us a major competitive edge—and will help us achieve our ambitious growth targets in the retail and fast-moving consumer goods segment.

Olfa Arfaoui
Chief Business Development Officer at ULC

Ulysse Logistics Company (ULC), a subsidiary of Tunisian trade and retail giant UTIC Group, uses Reflex WMS to manage logistics operations for Carrefour, Decathlon and Fnac Darty Tunisia. Thanks to its wealth of functions and flexibility, the application is able to manage a wide variety of flows and items and has delivered efficiency gains across all logistics processes: incoming deliveries, storage, order preparation, and shipping.

Context and objectives

Ulysse Logistics Company (ULC) is a subsidiary of Ulysse Trading and Industrial Companies (UTIC) Group, one of Tunisia’s biggest privately owned companies. The firm handles logistics operations for 95 outlets and two hypermarkets on behalf of three major retailers: Carrefour Tunisia (Ulysse Hyper Distribution, UHD), Decathlon and Fnac Darty Tunisia.

In 2015, ULC decided to build a new 30,000 sq m warehouse—with annual expansion capability of between 5,000 and 10,000 sq m—in Mornag, to cope with a spike in activity. At the same time, the company opted to replace its inadequate proprietary software with a new warehouse management system to handle operations at its new platform.


On Carrefour’s recommendation, ULC invited several off-the-shelf WMS vendors to bid for the contract, and held a series of site inspections. Following a competitive tender process, the firm opted for Reflex WMS in late 2016 on account of its robust design, its flexible configuration options, and its ability to manage a wide variety of flows and items, including dry and fresh food, sports clothing and equipment, household appliances, and more.

The application was deployed in October 2018, once work on the new warehouse was complete. ULC is now using Reflex WMS to manage receipt, storage, order preparation and despatch operations for some 20,000 separate items for Carrefour, plus 2,000-3,000 items for Decathlon and a further 1,000 for Fnac Darty. Toward the end of 2019, the company also deployed the application at its 6,000 sq m warehouse in Sfax, southern Tunisia.

The benefits
  • Ability to manage a wide variety of logistics activities
  • WMS capable of supporting strong business growth
  • Competitive edge and appeal to new clients
  • Interface with ERP for itemized invoicing of logistics work elements