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Wholesale & Logistics chooses Reflex WMS to manage logistics operations across its entities

Wholesale and logistics
6 warehouses (3 mechanized) totaling 38,000 m2, in Luxembourg and Belgium
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Reflex is a really flexible tool. It can manage a huge number of items at once, of different types and sizes, and with different rotation systems. And new features are being added to the solution all the time.

Thomas Chalant
General Manager, NewCo Log


Luxembourg and Belgium-based logistics provider NewCo Log and wholesaler Fixmer (soon to be joined by Lyfra-Lekkerland) use Reflex WMS to manage incoming delivery, order picking and shipping operations for more than 8,000 items. Hardis Group’s warehouse management solution orchestrates both manual order picking and automated logistics flows across three different warehouse control systems (WCS).

Context and objectives

Wholesale & Logistics SA is a leading FMCG wholesaler in Belgium and Luxembourg. In 2013, it launched NewCo Log – a new logistics and transport provider – as it sought to diversify its business. The group considered developing a proprietary warehouse management system before finally deciding to adopt an existing commercial solution to manage operations across its warehouses and companies, spanning some 8,000 food and non-food items including tobacco, coffee, confectionery, and alcoholic and soft drinks.

The solution

The group soon opted for Reflex, integrated by Hardis Group’s partner integrator for Benelux, Kouka, on the strength of its flexible, customizable design and its ability to interface with group entity and client ERP systems. Other decisive factors included the solution’s robustness and its in-built manual and mechanized picking orchestration functions (pick-to-light, pick-by-scan and pick-by-voice). The solution was deployed at NewCo Log’s warehouse in Luxembourg in 2013, in just four months. It is used both as a standalone solution and in conjunction with the SAP ERP system, which one of the firm’s clients uses.

In 2017, after migrating to Reflex Web, the group deployed the solution for another one of its entities—Luxembourg-based wholesaler Fixmer. This time around, the warehouse management system was interfaced with both the TWI warehouse control system and the Navision ERP solution. Fixmer now uses Reflex to manage deliveries to 800 outlets (gas stations, independent retailers, large retailers, special operators, and local authorities).

And in early 2019, it will be the turn of Belgium-based wholesaler Lyfra-Lekkerland to adopt Reflex WMS, managing the Knapp and ABM (SSI Schaefer) automated order picking systems and interfacing with the Navision ERP solution. The group also plans to overhaul its processes and implement the “track and trace” feature to comply with the EU Tobacco Products Directive.

The benefits
  • Accurate logistics and productivity management
  • Fully traceable logistics flows and operations
  • Real-time orchestration of manual and mechanized flows
  • Collaboration with clients via the e-Reflex porta