3PL Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

As a logistics provider, you need to innovate and offer an increasing number of value-added services to your customers while controlling costs and maintaining margins. With over 50 service providers using Reflex WMS, we help you to implement efficient logistics processes.

Drawing on over 30 years of feedback, our warehouse management software addresses the key challenges faced by third-party logistics providers (3PLs):


  1. Managing a wide variety of activities and products: our solution is natively multi-site, multi-flow and multi-customer
  2. Handling all types of logistics flows: simple or complex, BtoB, e-commerce and omni-channel
  3. Delivering exceptional quality of service while increasing productivity
  4. Rapidly integrating new activities into existing processes
  5. Managing logistics performance: real-time indicators and dashboards (KPI)


Simplified and industrialized deployments

To accelerate and industrialize deployments of new activities, Reflex WMS can duplicate a configuration created for a similar activity, allowing you to focus only on configuring the specific functionalities of the new logistics flows to be managed.

A customizable Warehouse Management Software

Reflex WMS offers a wide range of configuration options to adapt to your logistics processes.

You’re a third-party logistics provider looking for a tailor-made logistics management tool, capitalizing on the robustness of Reflex? We offer a solution that’s unique on the market: development kits (Reflex SDK) and test automation kits (Reflex TDK), so you can design and develop your tool autonomously.

Quick and easy for operators to learn

With its intuitive user interfaces, our warehouse management software is easy to handle, especially for your seasonal operators.

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