Hazardous goods Warehousing and Logistics software

Our Reflex WMS software is specially adapted for facilities storing and handling hazardous materials and dynamically helps you to manage stock and organize shipments of hazardous products in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our warehouse management software addresses all the needs of sites handling hazardous goods, from when they are received through to when they are shipped:

  1. Comply with all the provisions of the Seveso III Directive and the CLP Regulation
  2. Control and manage storage incompatibilities by area in real time
  3. Calculate hazard thresholds and the cumulative risks associated with the stored products in real time
  4. Automate the printing of hazard pictograms and documents for ADR transport

Warehouse management, Seveso III and CLP Regulation

Reflex WMS enables facilities storing hazardous goods to automate the management of hazard categories (in accordance with ICPE and CLP Regulation classes), hazard pictograms, hazard statements and precautionary measures.

Calculation of Seveso status and ICPE class

Reflex WMS automates the calculation of your facilities’ Seveso status (industrial risks) and the ICPE classification (classified facilities for the protection of the environment). As soon as a threshold is exceeded (high or low), managers are immediately notified to block or re-authorize the storage of new hazardous goods.

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