Reflex: Warehouse Management Software for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Companies in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector need to be supported by flawless logistics to ensure their growth, protect their profitability and cultivate their brand image. With Reflex WMS, we help them to combine responsiveness, adaptability, regulatory compliance and cost control.

Our warehouse management software provides a response to all the logistics challenges faced by distribution warehouses in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector:

  1. Managing a large number of products and packaging which differ from country to country
  2. Complying with strict standards in terms of security, quality and traceability
  3. Delivering exceptional quality of service to the numerous distribution channels, both BtoB and BtoC
  4. Rapidly adapting to promotions, launches and the seasonality of some products
  5. Controlling logistics, storage and transport costs

Security, traceability and quality tracking

Reflex WMS ensures that the storage of your pharmaceutical and cosmetic products is managed in accordance with regulatory requirements (hazardous products, expiration dates, batches, serial numbers, etc.). Our solution also provides end-to-end traceability and quality tracking of your logistics flows.

Tailored WMS which can be adapted to different flows

Reflex WMS can manage small and large volumes of a wide variety of product types and offers numerous configuration options to adapt to the specific requirements of your business: incoming items with sorting, picking methods suited to your distribution channels (medium and large stores, department stores, specialist retailers, health and beauty stores, pharmacies, e-commerce, etc.), inter-site transfers, cross-docking, co-packing and kitting, production output, mechanization, etc.

Customized picking and orders

Reflex WMS also improves productivity by managing order customization tasks prior to dispatch: kitting, co-packing, labeling, outer packaging, consolidation, etc.

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