Reflex WMS for DIY and gardening sector logistics

The DIY and gardening sector is growing rapidly and experiencing an omni-channel transformation. Our warehouse management software Reflex gives you the benefit of over 20 years' experience to combine enhanced logistics efficiency, improved productivity and quality of service delivered to stores, professionals and private individuals.

Reflex WMS was designed to help professionals in the DIY and gardening sector to address their main logistics issues:

  1. Managing an enormous number of items, many of which are seasonal
  2. Storing and shipping products and materials which vary greatly in size and weight
  3. Handling logistics flows which differ according to the type of product, customer, sales channel and warehousing location
  4. Optimizing storage and transport costs: multi-warehouses, direct warehouse or supplier shipment, etc.


A wealth of functionality to handle complexity

Reflex WMS incorporates a full range of functions for managing complex logistics flows: breakdown of orders by store during picking or when receiving goods, cross-docking, goods reservations, direct warehouse or supplier shipments, delivery to private individuals (e-commerce), returns management, etc.

Customizable warehouse management software

Reflex WMS’ flexible configuration makes it easier to take into account your specific logistics requirements: picking rules according to flows and product type, automatic calculation of storage locations, stock rotation on shelves, packaging, interfacing with your mechanization systems, etc.

Logistics activity management in several warehouses

With Reflex WMS, you can break down orders by logistics platform, automate inter-warehouse transfers, manage multi-site logistics activities and have complete traceability per warehouse.

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