Reflex WMS software for the textiles, fashion and clothing sector

Our Reflex WMS warehouse management software provides a complete response to the logistical challenges of companies in the textile, fashion and clothing sector.

Our warehouse management software benefits from several years of feedback from retailers in the textiles, fashion and clothing sector. It caters to all your logistics challenges:

  1. Managing an extensive repository of items and handling them according to their packaging (sub-packing quantity, unit, hanging, flat, etc.)
  2. Adapting quickly: frequent new collections, peaks in activity, promotions, sales, etc.
  3. Ensuring outstanding quality of service in an omni-channel context, at the best price
  4. Improving your productivity and constantly optimizing your processes


Fully customizable WMS

Reflex WMS covers a broad functional scope: incoming goods, quality control, storage, order scheduling, restocking and picking, missing item management, outer packaging, returns and unsold items management, etc. Its numerous configuration options mean that you can deploy a solution that is fully adapted to your processes.

Omni-channel logistics optimization

Reflex WMS can integrate and manage the logistics flows of different sales channels (stores, e-commerce, market place, etc.) to ensure that goods are available in the right place at the right time. For your web-to-store systems, it can be interfaced with Reflex In-Store Logistics to optimize point-of-sale logistics.

Mechanization and robotization management

Our warehouse management software interfaces with other technologies to ensure logistics performance: mechanization, robotization, drones, real-time monitoring and traceability of goods, etc.

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