Reflex WMS: warehouse management software for the FMCG industry

In a highly competitive environment, logistics is key to ensuring on-shelf product availability and cultivating brand image. With our Reflex warehouse management software, we help FMCG suppliers to set up and manage their logistics in an agile, efficient and economical way.

Reflex WMS caters to the main logistics requirements and challenges of companies in the FMCG sector:

  1. Deliver exceptional quality of service to ensure on-shelf product availability
  2. Set up a responsive and agile logistics system: regular promotional operations and product launches
  3. Manage increasingly global and complex flows among factories, warehouses, retailers and consumers
  4. Ensure the traceability of products and information
  5. Control logistics, storage and transport costs

WMS adapted to the specific requirements of FMCG

Able to manage large volumes and a wide variety of product types, Reflex WMS caters to the specific requirements of FMCG flows: diversity of supply systems, receipt and preparation methods, inter-site transfers, cross-docking, co-packing and kitting, collaborative appointment making with carriers, etc.

Turnkey configurations and customization

Reflex WMS’ numerous configuration options ensure that you have a solution that is fully adapted to your logistics flows and processes. To make it quicker to integrate new products, an existing configuration can be duplicated in our software.

Compliance with regulations, traceability and quality

Reflex WMS integrates the management of applicable regulations (alcohol, expiration date management, guaranteed date contracts and batches). Our solution also provides end-to-end traceability and quality monitoring for your goods flows.

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