Reflex WMS: Warehouse Management System for Manufacturing

Your production must be supported by flawless logistics to guarantee the availability and quality of finished products within short deadlines and at low cost. With Reflex WMS, we help you to optimize flows and stocks from receipt of raw materials and packaging materials through to shipping the finished products.

Our Reflex software responds to all the logistics challenges of production sites:

  1. Integrating all supply processes: long and short circuits, just-in-time flows, stored flows, call-off stocks
  2. Warehousing and calling a wide variety of products to production and packaging lines
  3. Maintaining margins by reducing stock levels and minimizing production line losses
  4. Meeting regulatory and quality requirements in terms of flow traceability and monitoring


Real-time stock visibility

Reflex WMS provides real-time visibility of all the products stored at your production sites: raw materials, components, semi-finished products, inner and outer packaging, finished products.

Reduced stock levels and product losses

Our solution helps to reduce stored quantities and limit product destruction: reintegration of partially consumed products (split orders) into production lines, expiration date checks and FIFO, etc.

A customizable and open WMS

Reflex WMS is open with flexible configuration, enabling it to interface with your other solutions (CAPM, ERP, MES) and adapt to the specific requirements of your activities to manage incoming goods, stocks and shipments and product calls to production lines.

Compliance with regulations and traceability

Reflex WMS complies with applicable regulations (expiration dates, hazardous materials, alcohol, etc.) and provides end-to-end traceability of production flows from receipt of components through to shipping the final products.

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