22 November 2022

BigBuy strengthens its position as a global e-commerce partner with the deployment of Reflex WMS

  1. Thanks to the deployment of warehouse management software Reflex WMS, BigBuy can now easily scale its logistics capacities.
  2. It has boosted service levels with more than 97% of orders shipped on time.
  3. The company has doubled its logistics capacity, with a much lower than expected investment of resources.
  4. Thanks to advanced operational monitoring, BigBuy has optimized the size of its teams and dispensed with night and weekend shifts.
  5. With Reflex WMS, the company has optimized cross-docking order processes.
  6. BigBuy closed 2021 with revenues of over €90 million, up more than 30% from the previous year.

Madrid, November 22, 2022 – Reflex Logistics Solutions (Hardis Group), supply chain software and services company, today takes stock of its partnership with BigBuy, implemented just over a year ago. BigBuy’s exponential growth in recent years has prompted the company to look for a modern and scalable WMS, capable of handling the most demanding requirements in the e-commerce sector and supporting its business growth over the long term. Positioning itself as a global e-commerce partner, in 2021 the company deployed the Reflex WMS warehouse management systemaiming to digitize and optimize its processes, secure profitability and increase competitiveness, all while remaining at the cutting-edge of the industry.

BigBuy, specialist in boosting customers’ online sales

BigBuy was founded in 2012 in Valencia (Spain) and is now a leading e-commerce player in Europe. It specializes in boosting online sales for businesses of all kinds. As such, it offers a unique service combining products, technology, logistics and operations to serve dropshippers and wholesale purchasers, as well as brands and suppliers with inventories.

From its 20,000 m2 warehouse, BigBuy manages some 300,000 product references, with over 5,000 brands in a range of categories. It consolidates, prepares and ships orders in record time.

Reflex WMS as a growth driver

In 2021, BigBuy’s significant growth put its warehouse management software and logistics capacities to the test. It needed to migrate to a more robust and scalable solution that wouldn’t require any internal development resources. To do so, it opted for Reflex WMS.

Amid an exponential increase in demand, we sought to maintain the service standards that got us where we are today. We looked at various options and specifically chose Reflex for its robustness and scalability, which ensures that the software will be a long-term driver of growth”, explained Gonzalo Rovito, BigBuy Group Operations Director. BigBuy currently ships between 5,000 and 10,000 orders per day and, at the peak of the end-of-year season, expects to process over 20,000 orders a day.

Productivity and efficiency through native e-commerce processes

“Reflex WMS is the perfect tool for us, as it natively includes all the e-commerce processes we need to manage our business. Its success with large international e-commerce players and marketplaces gave us the opportunity to see the WMS in action and sold us on Reflex,” added Rovito.

The e-commerce processes built into Reflex have helped the company increase its productivity and scalability: “We’ve doubled our logistics capacity and improved service levels, with 97% of orders shipped on time. We’ve also streamlined processes that allow us to absorb growth and better balance loading and peak workloads”, said Gonzalo Rovito.

Since the deployment of Reflex WMS, BigBuy now manages all of its logistics processes using a single solution: BtoC, BtoB and reverse logistics. It has also optimized cross-docking processes: “We now manage three times as many suppliers as we did a year ago and are much more efficient. This enables us to receive, store and classify goods more effectively, prepare, personalize and ship orders in record time, optimize the logistics space and, in turn, reduce our inventories”, commented Rovito.

Assisted by the Reflex WMS warehouse management system, BigBuy will close 2022 with revenues of more than €100 million, representing growth of over 20% versus 2021. In the coming months, the e-commerce provider will continue to roll out new processes with Reflex and deploy new modules, like Reflex LMS (Labor Management System), to monitor and optimize resource productivity in real time and implement advanced order prioritization algorithms.