30 March 2022

The Eyesee inventory drone plots a new course

The drone-based inventory solution, designed and patented by Hardis Group and co-developed with Squadrone System since 2015, will now be marketed, developed, and operated by Darwin Drones, a new company based in Grenoble. The entity will build on this local innovation success story and work to accelerate take-up of the solution in France and worldwide.

Grenoble, March 30, 2022 – Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and software editor of the Reflex logistics execution software suite, and its partner Squadrone System, a designer and manufacturer of professional drones, announce the creation of a new company, Darwin Drones, to take the Eyesee inventory drone solution forward. The startup has ambitious plans and will use a forthcoming injection of capital from investors to scale up production of the solution and accelerate its growth in France and worldwide.

A new company dedicated to marketing Eyesee

Eric Pierrel, a digital technology entrepreneur and the former head of the French Tech in the Alps-Grenoble alliance, has been appointed as the CEO of Darwin Drones. Going forward, the startup will be responsible for all aspects of the Eyesee business: software and hardware R&D, marketing, deployment, and after-sales care. It will also support existing Eyesee systems in use at the logistics warehouses of major firms such as L’Oréal, Log’S, Ikea, and Schneider Electric.

We’re delighted to be taking over this incredible piece of technology, which won awards at CES Las Vegas and CES Asia in 2018,” said Pierrel. “We look forward to accelerating its growth in France and worldwide.

Nicolas Odet, President of Hardis Group, will continue to support the project as a member of the Darwin Drones Advisory Board. Squadrone System, which manufactures the drone, remains onboard as hardware partner and will continue providing its expertise in the design of professional drones.

“Creating a dedicated startup to take the solution forward will accelerate Eyesee’s growth while providing continuity for existing users,” said Nicolas Odet. “We’ll also continue promoting Eyesee to our clients and prospects in Europe.

Taking a local success story global

Eyesee is now ready for full-scale production and marketing after receiving its CE marking a few months ago.

We remain onboard to support any future changes to the drone’s design,” said Antoine Level, CEO of Squadrone System.

In 2022, Darwin Drones plans to build a network of retailers and integrators in Europe. The longer-term plan is to market the solution in the United States. In order to accelerate its growth, the startup intends to raise funds from investors in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.