05 October 2022

Ezytail uses Reflex WMS SaaS to manage its two logistics warehouses

Ezytail, a logistics service provider to small and medium-sized enterprises in the retail and e-commerce sector, has deployed Reflex WMS to manage its two warehouses. The firm is using the warehouse management system, in combination with various other tools, to support its pursuit of operational excellence.

Grenoble, October 5, 2022 – Reflex Logistics Solutions (Hardis Group), a leading provider of logistics execution software, announces that Ezytail, a logistics service provider to small and medium-sized enterprises in the retail and e-commerce sector, has deployed Reflex WMS SaaS to manage its two warehouses in Grigny south of Paris, measuring a combined 10,000 sq. m. The warehouse management tool, which is coupled with mechanized systems, currently handles 40 separate activities, 100,000 items and 1 million consignments.

Ezytail, founded in 2011, serves startups, small businesses, and SMEs in the retail and e-commerce sector, providing logistics and IT support to help them boost online (B2B and B2C) and in-store sales and grow their business. “Our mission is to bring the benefits of logistics and IT systems normally reserved for major retailers to our clients,” said Sébastien Valoggia, founder and CEO of Ezytail.


Reflex WMS deployed in two months

In 2019, Ezytail opted for Reflex WMS SaaS to support the roll-out of its logistics services to clients outside France. “Reflex is the best French WMS,” said Jean-Baptiste Broguière, CTO of Ezytail. “With its wealth of features, there’s no need for specific developments and it connects with innovative technologies as standard. It can handle a diverse array of activities and product types. The Reflex team’s technical and business expertise, and its ability to support our clients outside France, was another key factor in our decision.” Reflex WMS was deployed in two months, initially managing 20 activities.

Innovative, powerful logistics for small businesses and SMEs

Now, in 2022, Ezytail uses Hardis Group’s warehouse management system to handle 40 separate activities (B2C, B2B, in France and worldwide) and 100,000 items at its two warehouses in Grigny, south of Paris. “Each year, we despatch 1 million products with Reflex,” said Broguière. Reflex WMS is coupled with an industrial production line (bagging), manages automated systems (put-to-light and pick-to-light order preparation, set down system, etc.), and is interfaced with the Odoo ERP system, a TMS, a reporting tool, and the Shopify, Magento, and Prestashop e-commerce platforms.

Varying storage strategies by product and traceability requirements

For some of the activities managed by Reflex WMS, such as alcoholic beverages, hazardous goods, and certified organic products, the firm has to employ specific storage and traceability strategies. “As part of our Ecocert certification audit, we were able to prove, with Reflex, that our receipt, storage, order preparation, and despatch processes for organic products met the requirements of the framework,” said Valoggia.

In the coming months, Ezytail will commence operations at a new 10,000 sq. m warehouse, which will also be managed by Reflex WMS.