04 March 2020

Hardis Group unveils a new module for real-time management of all WCS

Hardis Group has released WCS Master, a new module for managing all mechanized and automated processes from Reflex WMS. The universal, quick-to-configure module reduces the cost of integrating the WMS with all off-the-shelf warehouse control systems (WCS). With status reports giving a single, real-time overview of all material and human resources across warehouses and plants, the module makes it easier to identify and instantly resolve abnormalities as they arise.

Grenoble, March 4, 2020 – Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor unveils WCS Master, a new module for orchestrating all mechanized and automated tasks. The module, which is built into the Reflex WMS warehouse management system, simplifies exchanges between Reflex and all off-the-shelf WCS—stacker cranes, sorting machines, conveyors, pick-to-light systems, order preparation robots, automated guided vehicles, and more. WCS Master features status reports, giving a real-time overview of operations across various mechanized systems (load, flow, delays, etc.) and allowing users to make instant, informed operational decisions and resolve unforeseen events in line with available human and material resources.

Easier, faster WMS-WCS integration

“Today’s warehouses are increasingly automated and mechanized, so it makes sense to have a universal, easy-to-deploy WCS supervisor,” said Christophe Bergeron, expert integration consultant at Hardis Group. “Yet integrating WCS with Reflex WMS, the system that manages them, was a time-consuming process and the arrangement didn’t deliver for operational staff, who need real-time supervision capabilities.” WCS Master’s event-driven architecture (EDA) means it is interoperable with all off-the-shelf WCS. Mechanized systems subscribe to a selection of “events”, or tasks for completion, published by the WMS, then send confirmation back to the WMS once the task is complete via application programming interfaces (APIs). Exchanges between the WCS and the WMS are both secure and logged.

Managing and sequencing all resources in real time

With Reflex’s supervision status reports, warehouse managers can monitor activity across all their mechanized systems—load, flow, delays, technical faults, and more. The system provides a single, real-time overview of all material and human resources, making it easier to manage logistics operations, and to identify and quickly resolve abnormalities as they arise.

Combined with Order Flow Balancing and Labor Management System, two modules released last year, WCS Master paves the way for comprehensive management and real-time sequencing of all flows—performed by both machines and operatives.

“We’re always looking for ways to build more fluidity and agility into warehouse and plant operations,” added Bergeron. “Avoiding bottlenecks and making it easier to manage unforeseen events helps warehouse managers get the most out of their people and machines, thereby maximizing site performance.”