15 February 2017

Hardis Group unveils Reflex In-Store Logistics, a solution for retail outlet logistics management

Reflex In-Store Logistics is dedicated to the new challenges for stores in the omnichannel environment. It minimizes in-store preparation time of orders from the e-commerce channel, and constitutes a sales support tool for retail outlet sales advisors.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and independent software vendor, unveils Reflex In-Store Logistics, its new solution dedicated to in-store logistics management. This new application is accessed from a tactile mobile terminal. It gives sales assistants a real time view of orders arriving from the e-commerce website, enabling them to optimize preparation of these orders and have complete visibility of current (or future) stock levels in their retail outlet. With Reflex In-Store, Hardis Group is making a major contribution to transforming the promise of omnichannel commerce into a reality. It does this by guaranteeing store brands optimization of their logistics processes from the production center to the central warehouse to the retail outlets.

Physical stores at the heart of the omnichannel promise

Thanks to the development of web-to-store systems, the store’s role is changing: on-line purchasing and free in-store collection, product reservations from the e-commerce website, in-store exchange of an item purchased on-line, etc. For store brands, apart from the service provided to their customers, these capabilities represent opportunities to drive add-on sales… at the retail outlet! But the customer promise must be kept: personalized handling of customers originating from digital sales channels, product effectively available and order prepared on time, precise visibility of product availability, etc.

Improving the customer experience while reducing preparation time

Reflex In-Store Logistics has been designed to meet these challenges. In concrete terms, the sales assistant is equipped with a mobile terminal (tablet or smart phone) enabling them to view orders placed on the e-commerce channel. When the customer needs to come to the store to collect their order, the application displays the degree of urgency (pick-up in 1 or 2 hours, or less urgent). It suggests an optimized order preparation path for picking the products ordered or reserved by one or more customers, either from the shelves or in the storeroom, so they will be waiting for customers when they arrive at the store. The sales assistant can temporarily interrupt the picking process at any time, to make a sale, advise a customer, or check product availability.

In parallel, the application displays real time alerts if there is a stock shortage, and can be used to consult real stock levels in the sales area and in the storeroom, as well as the restocking quantities together with the date they will be available in-store.

So thanks to Reflex In-Store Logistics, each sales advisor wherever they may be in the store has all the information they need to efficiently prepare orders coming from the digital channel, check product availability in real time and manage customer returns, and also organize shipping of products ordered on line from the retail outlet (thanks to ship-from-store functionality).

End-to-end optimization of the supply chain

With this new offering, Hardis Group completes its portfolio of operational logistics management solutions. This software vendor is now capable of providing a global solution for retailers, to optimize their logistics processes, manage their stock and organize shipping from production centers and warehouses to the retail outlets.

Like the rest of the Hardis Group Reflex range, Reflex In-Store Logistics interfaces with the whole of the company’s information system: ERP, e-commerce platform, retail outlet management software, order management (OMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS).