06 March 2019

Hardis Group unveils Reflex WMS for Factory, a logistics management application for factories

Reflex WMS for Factory lets manufacturing facilities manage pre- and post-production logistics flows in real time, and makes it simpler to manage and customize manufactured products and packaging.

Grenoble, March 6, 2019 – Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, has launched Reflex WMS for Factory, a logistics flow management application for manufacturing facilities. The new solution, based on the firm’s Reflex WMS warehouse management software, helps factories better manage pre- and post-production logistics flows in real time, and provides real-time inventory insights. Reflex WMS for Factory is designed to give manufacturers the added-value edge that is so important in today’s marketplace—by customizing manufactured products and packaging, constantly improving their services, and strengthening traceability.

Manufacturing: a fast-changing sector

Manufacturing is experiencing a period of rapid change, driven by the growth of omnichannel, ever tighter time-to-market demands, and a shift away from mass production and towards greater customization. In practice, this means that manufacturers are having to incorporate services into their production processes—including everything from special palletization and packaging, to custom labeling. That, in turn, adds even more complexity and requires manufacturers to optimize production-related logistics flows on the fly so they can boost productivity and keep manufacturing costs down.

Production flow management and optimization

Reflex WMS for Factory—a comprehensive production flow management application that draws on Hardis Group’s warehouse management expertise—helps manufacturers address these challenges. Upstream, Reflex WMS for Factory ensures everything is available on the production and packaging lines when it is needed and as per the client’s customization specifications, including raw materials, components, semi-finished products and dispatch packaging supplies. Downstream, Hardis Group’s solution features configurable dispatch options depending on the manufactured products’ destination (distribution warehouse, physical outlet, deconsolidation site, another factory, or elsewhere).

Reflex WMS for Factory also makes it easier to standardize logistics processes across production sites and manage logistics performance, so that manufacturers can continuously improve productivity.

Real-time inventory insights and traceability

The application gives manufacturers instant insights into their entire inventory, from raw materials, components and packaging, to semi-finished and finished products. It also helps them optimize their pre- and post-production storage space, for instance by setting up inter-site transfer processes to keep logistics and warehousing costs down.

In addition, Reflex WMS for Factory includes a full suite of traceability features for regulatory compliance (expiration dates, batch numbers, hazardous products, alcohol, etc.).

Orchestrating the industry 4.0 ecosystem

With Reflex WMS for Factory, Hardis Group is helping to shape the factory of the future with an application that gives manufacturers real-time orchestration capabilities across mechanization, automation, and data from connected objects and AI technologies. The API catalog also means the application can interface easily, via web services, with all factory systems, including ERP, MES, mechanized and automated production lines, weight control systems, and more.