06 April 2021

Interview Nabuurs (3PL): “with Reflex, we have a modern, intuitive and easily configurable WMS”

Since February 2019, Nabuurs has been relying on Reflex WMS to manage part of its warehouses. The Dutch logistics provider, specializing in FMCG, is now autonomous in migrating and configuring its customers’ operations.
An update from Mariska de Wildt, IT Manager at Nabuurs.

You have been using Reflex WMS for a little over two years. How many warehouses have you migrated?

Nabuurs is one of the largest logistics services providers in the Benelux area in the field of consumer goods. We manage our customers’ activities in 14 warehouses, both owned and delegated, with a total surface area of 200,000 m². Of our 14 warehouses, we have migrated three to Reflex WMS, since 2019, at the sites in Heijen, Hedel and Haps. By the end of 2021, two new warehouses, located in Katwijk, will be switched over. The set up of a new warehouse can be done quickly, when there are no extensive requirements in terms of interfacing with other systems.

What is your degree of autonomy in configuring and deploying Reflex?

Our team specialized in warehouse management software is composed of four people: 2.5 work on Reflex and 1.5 on our former WMS. We are now almost totally autonomous to deploy new activities. We only call on the Reflex teams for questions that require a very specific knowledge of the solution.

After a few months of use, what are the main benefits of using Reflex?

For the IT teams, the biggest advantage is that we have complete control over our warehouse management software. When there is no need to customize the solution, we are able to react very quickly to our customers’ requests, being totally autonomous. For the operators, the graphical interface allows a very quick understanding and handling of the tool. It is not necessary to spend much time training our new employees. Finally, for managers, Reflex Dashboard facilitates real-time monitoring of the activity of each logistics site. Reflex is also an open solution, which we were able to connect easily with our Business Intelligence tool and with Microsoft Biztalk (middleware).

What are your development projects for the coming months?

In addition to switching two new warehouses to Reflex WMS, we are going to carry out a new test of the Eyesee drone inventory solution. If it is conclusive, we will acquire this solution.

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