Reflex Visibility: BMV testimony


Equipped with Reflex WMS since 1999 to manage its warehouses, the logistics provider BMV deployed Reflex Visibility at the beginning of 2023. Interview with Mickaël Vendramini, logistics project and study manager at BMV, on the benefits brought by the solution.



What was your need?

As part of our strategy to offer more and more 4PLs-type services, we needed a solution to offer our customers an exhaustive and real-time visibility of stocks, movements and logistics operations carried out.

Why did you choose Reflex Visibility?

The extranet used until 2022 did not allow for the sharing of a certain amount of information and its interfaces needed to be modernized. We chose Reflex Visibility for three reasons:

  1. its native integration with the web version of Reflex WMS
  2. a rapid deployment, which would not have been possible using the service provider who had developed the extranet or with the internal IT teams mobilized on the development of another internal software
  3. The proximity with Hardis Group, which provided guarantees on the development of a new functionality that we needed

What are the first gains following the implementation of Reflex Visibility?

The solution was deployed in a few weeks for the first customer with the help of the Reflex teams. We were then able to make it available to another client, in complete autonomy, with, each time, a customization of the information brought up in the portal according to the needs of each company. For the moment, only the WMS data is displayed. We plan to combine transport events with it, to give our customers more visibility.

This new solution is very promising and should help us to stand out from a business point of view. It is a useful tool externally to share data with our customers and provide them with real-time visibility and transparency. It saves time by avoiding phone calls and emails. It is also used internally to create real-time dashboards.