13 March 2019

Reflex WMS gains a real-time human and material management module

Hardis Group has added Reflex Labour Management System to its warehouse management system. This module automates scheduling and reallocates human and material resources on the fly to honor delivery times and optimize logistics processes.

Grenoble, March 13, 2019 – Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, has unveiled Reflex Labour Management System (LMS)—the latest addition to its Reflex WMS warehouse management system. The new module is designed to substantially reduce scheduling work, ensure orders are picked and shipped on time, and increase productivity in logistics warehouses. The in-built algorithm calculates human and material resource needs in real time and allows these resources to be reallocated on the fly as new orders arrive in the WMS. Reflex LMS also includes operational oversight features to help managers foresee delays, spread workload more evenly, and cope better with unforeseen events.

Order preparation real-time scheduling

In just a few short years, scheduling tasks at logistics warehouses—and making sure orders are shipped on time—has become a much more complex process with the advent of mixed logistics flows, ever shorter delivery lead times, and the growth of value-added services such as customized products and packaging.

Hardis Group has developed an algorithm that addresses these challenges by automating scheduling work according to known constraints—temporal (deadlines, priorities), operational (sequencing) and resource-based (availability of human and material resources). The module also lets users reallocate human and material resources on the fly to prevent picking delays as new orders come in, based on the features of those orders (volumes, deadlines, priorities, etc.).

Managing and evening out logistics operations

Reflex LMS also gives warehouse managers dashboards to manage and even out operations, complete with the information and decision-making support tools they need to boost operative engagement rate, better cope with unforeseen events, and allocate the right resources to the right place at the right time.

In addition, the module features real-time indicators so managers can identify issues such as delays, and workload and capacity mismatches, see problem resolution times, and reallocate resources in a single click to make sure all orders are picked and ready for shipping by the carrier’s cut-off time.

Tracking productivity and upskilling operatives

Reflex LMS also gives users detailed, real-time productivity insights, with data-based indicators showing operative output, efficiency (time spent on each task against predefined thresholds), and engagement rate (share of total time spent actually working).
The module lets users consolidate data per team or per depot, so they can pinpoint where further training is needed to boost employee versatility.