12 October 2017

Reflex WMS now has real-time management dashboards

Reflex WMS now has real-time management dashboards. With Reflex Dashboard, Hardis Group offers warehouse managers a customizable real-time logistics performance management solution, a decision-making aid and the ability to respond immediately if objectives are not met or problems arise.

Hardis Group, a consultancy firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, announces the release of Reflex Dashboard, a new component in the Reflex logistics operations solution. Aimed at logistics managers, the solution enables them to create warehouse operations management dashboards in just a few clicks and completely autonomously. These dashboards contain relevant real-time indicators for making rapid decisions and can be accessed on the move from a tablet or smartphone.

Fully customizable dashboards

With Reflex Dashboard, Hardis Group provides logistics managers with a range of key indicators and viewing tools (histograms, progress bars, tables, etc.) which are ready to use and easy to expand. Using these widgets, they can create their dashboard by simply dragging and dropping and define alert thresholds on key indicators: warehouse saturation, delayed orders, stock outages, etc. Reflex Dashboard is a collaborative tool which can also be used to define dashboard sharing rules and manage user rights.

Real-time visibility and ability to act

A simple graphical representation of data makes it easier to identify abnormal situations. The user can zoom in for more information at any time, and particularly when a critical threshold is passed, simply by clicking on an indicator to identify the source of the issue. An effective decision-making aid, Reflex Dashboard can also immediately trigger appropriate corrective and/or preventive actions in Reflex WMS: launch of express order picking, distribution of a task among several operators to ensure that goods are shipped within the time limit, allocation of complex tasks to experienced operators, etc.

Logistics management on the move

Complying with the latest web standards, Reflex Dashboard displays dashboards dynamically according to device screen sizes, meaning that the solution can be used on a TV, computer or mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

Reflex WMS now has real-time management dashboards