16 February 2016

Reflex WMS warehouse management software is now available in web version

Hardis Group’s WMS new edition capitalizes on two decades of R&D. It relies on the functional richness of the previous versions (AS/400 and client/server), offering a more modern navigation and a simplified deployment.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and software publisher, announced that the web version of its Reflex WMS warehouse management software is now available. Developed according to the most recent web standards (HTML5, Javascript and CSS3) and accessible from a simple Internet browser, this new version provides an improved user experience. It proposes all the features that have been developed for 20 years by Hardis Group for its logistics clients. Thanks to its web architecture, Reflex works faster, is more easily integrated with the rest of the information system and allows companies to reduce their development and maintenance costs.

The result of more than 20 years of experience in warehouse management

Launched in 1992, Reflex WMS warehouse management software is now a reference in the logistics solutions market. For more than twenty years, Hardis Group’s R&D teams have enhanced it with many features to adapt it to changes in the needs of logistics service providers and technologies. “More than a new product, Reflex Web is above all the result of capitalizing on knowledge and know-how acquired with our clients over the years“, says Sébastien Poinson, R&D manager in logistics solutions. In this regard, Reflex Web offers the same features and is supported by a powerful base as the previous versions. “It allows you to handle several hundreds of thousands of order lines per day and to adapt it to all sectors of activity“, adds Sébastien Poinson.

Available in 9 languages, and compatible with Unicode database making the integration of new languages easier, Reflex WMS meets the needs of multinational companies who wish to standardize their warehouse management tools in all countries where they are established.

Enhanced navigation, simplified installation and maintenance

Accessible via a simple Internet browser from a computer logged to the company network, Hardis Group WMS’ new version is technically delivered pre-configured. Thus, the web server, the database drivers, the connection to the embedded terminals or to the extranet portal are ready-to-use.

Developed in HTML 5, this version also benefits from an intuitive navigation compliant with new web standards: real time client-server interactions without having to refresh the page, operational right-click, etc. The screens can be customized according to the needs of each user type. The web mode also minimizes risks related to possible network or user station failures: a session can be opened from any terminal, as long as it is equipped with an Internet browser.

Long-term financial and operational benefits

Beyond development cost-cuttings, Reflex web allows you to achieve significant savings, in terms of third party licenses (use of open source software) and maintenance: fix installations are performed without activity downtimes, they are transparent to the users, and regardless of the operating systems used.

Choosing technologies also helps the interfacing with third party service providers via web services (Java, Rest…) and the integration of open source standard (spreadsheets for example). “It ensures a lasting operational success. We have already received excellent feedback from our clients: Reflex Web is already being implemented on roughly fifteen sites“, specifies Nicolas Lucas, business solutions manager in logistics solutions.