09 November 2022

Transport management: Reflex and Tesisquare join forces

Reflex has teamed up with TESISQUARE, which has developed a comprehensive transport management system (TMS) for shippers. The partners have joined forces to cater to demand for real-time management and synchronized execution of transport and logistics operations.

Grenoble, November 9, 2022 – Reflex Logistics Solutions (Hardis Group) and TESISQUARE®, two vendors of logistics execution applications, announce that they have formed a partnership. The link-up reflects the firms’ joint ambition to bring to market applications that empower real-time management of supply chain execution, enabling users to guarantee product availability, fulfill service levels and lead times, and optimize costs.

TESISQUARE is the vendor of TESI TMS, a comprehensive transport management system covering carrier planning and reservation, event-by-event delivery tracking, dock management, transport cost control, and transport performance analysis. Hardis Group, meanwhile, has developed Reflex WMS, a feature-rich warehouse management system that uses advanced prepacking and pre-palletization algorithms to generate precise transport volume data, helping users better organize transport operations and maximize truck fill rates.

The two partners are aiming to cater to demand for synchronized transport and logistics execution in warehouses based on the arrival time of trucks at incoming goods and loading docks.

For companies with complex transport management needs, this new partnership paves the way to:

  1. Better transport organization and fill rates, with precise transport volume data from the WMS incorporated into the TMS
  2. Synchronized preparation and dispatch operations, empowering optimal decision-making in order to maximize service levels and lead time fulfillment
  3. Greater operational efficiency in the warehouse, with precise information about appointments and transport contingencies coming from the TMS.

“We had no hesitation in moving forward with this partnership,” said Pauline Poissonnier, Solution Manager at Reflex Logistics Solutions. “TESISQUARE is a one of Europe’s leading TMS vendors. Its software suite has been lauded by industry analysts for its functional coverage, and its teams boast recognized expertise in transport-related issues. Both companies share the same values and our respective visions of the digital supply chain complement one another.”
“We’re excited to be joining forces with Reflex Logistics to improve supply chain execution by making the concept of responsive and resilient logistics a reality,” said Gianluca Giaccardi, Chief Product Officer at TESISQUARE. “The combination of our TMS applications and Reflex’s WMS expertise will undoubtedly deliver value for our clients and give them a competitive edge, helping to break down the barriers between warehouse and logistics operations.”