30 May 2018

Warehouse Management System: Hardis Group opens a new subsidiary in Benelux

The firm behind the Reflex WMS warehouse management software opens a new subsidiary in the Netherlands, strengthening its presence in Benelux. The move, which follows openings in Spain and Switzerland in 2017, is intended to bring the company’s services closer to current and future customers in these fast-moving markets.

Grenoble, Wednesday, May 30, 2018 – Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, announces the opening of Hardis Group Benelux. The new subsidiary, in the Dutch city of Utrecht, is the latest in a series of moves designed to strengthen the company’s global expansion and shore up its presence in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The firm behind the Reflex logistics management software has been investing in the region—one of its key target markets—for the past two years and plans to hire around a dozen new staff by end-2018.

Growing Hardis Group’s presence in Benelux

Hardis Group’s business has seen strong international growth in the past five years, as the company aims to become one of Europe’s leading providers of logistics management software solutions. More than 250 companies currently use its warehouse management system across 1,000 warehouses in some 20 countries worldwide. Around 30 customers in Benelux have already opted for Reflex, including, the leading e-retailer in Belgium and the Netherlands, packaging distribution firm Rajapack Belgium, and Duracell, the world’s biggest battery manufacturer.

After growing indirect businesses in Benelux and running joint projects between its international staff and its local partners, Hardis Group has opted to establish a permanent presence in the region with a new subsidiary in the Netherlands. The move is designed to bring its services closer to current and future customers and to strengthen its ties with integrator partners. “It’s a fast-moving market and demand there is strong. The projects we’ve worked on in the past two years have shown that Reflex is a viable alternative to conventional solutions in these markets,” said Yvan Coutaz, Managing Director of Hardis Group.

A dozen new hires by end-2018

As well as opening a new subsidiary, Hardis Group plans to hire around a dozen new staff this year, including a subsidiary director, a project director, and operations and technical consultants—all with some experience of the logistics sector. While Hardis Group Benelux will mainly be customizing, deploying and integrating Reflex for customers in Benelux, the subsidiary’s staff could also work on worldwide deployment projects. “Our new hires will also be supporting our integrator partners, helping them acquire the skills they need to work with Reflex,” said Cécile Arnaud, Head of International