E-commerce: Probikeshop uses Reflex WMS to streamline its logistics processes

Since 2011, France and Southern Europe’s leading online retailer of bikes, parts and cycling equipment has used Reflex WMS to efficiently manage its e-logistics processes and support its growth.

Business sector: e-commerce

Sites: 30,000 sq. m warehouse in Chaponnay (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France)

Solution: Reflex WMS SaaS

Context and objectives

Via its website, Probikeshop sells more than 55,000 separate items (bikes, parts and accessories) across Europe. All orders are processed and picked at the firm’s 30,000 sq. m warehouse in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in France. In high season (May to September) and at peak times (sales and Black Friday), the warehouse takes delivery of up to 80,000 parts a week and ships as many as 7,000 packages a day.

In 2011, Probikeshop decided to bring its logistics operations back in-house and invest in a warehouse management system so it could streamline its processes to cope with fast-paced growth of the business (50% to 70% annual growth between 2005 and 2015).

The solution

After consulting several software vendors, the firm opted for Hardis Group’s Reflex WMS on the strength of its ability to manage an extensive portfolio of products and its standard, comprehensive suite of e-commerce flow management features. Probikeshop was also won over by how easy the system is to learn, especially for temporary logistics staff brought in to provide extra backup during high season and at peak times.

In late 2015, Probikeshop moved its logistics operations to a new warehouse three times the size of its former premises and once again chose to work with Hardis Group. With help from the Reflex team, it took just four months to configure and deploy the WMS at the new warehouse. Probikeshop has used the system to streamline many of its logistics processes, such as automatic identification and calculation of storage locations, multi-order collection and sorting, and real-time perpetual inventory.

In 2016, Probikeshop decided to migrate Reflex WMS to Hardis Group’s private cloud to improve service quality and anticipate problems and performance dips that could affect its logistics operations.

The benefits

  • Robust WMS able to handle large volumes of orders
  • Scalable, simple, flexible warehouse management solution
  • Storage location optimization
  • Productivity gains: multi-order collection and sorting
  • Real-time perpetual inventory: more accurate inventory without any hold-ups