Reflex WMS: e-commerce Warehouse Management Software

In e-commerce, logistics is one of the key components of customer satisfaction. Reflex WMS will help you to implement efficient logistics processes to meet the ever more demanding requirements of consumers: receiving orders as quickly as possible, choosing delivery locations, returning products easily, etc.

With new functions added over 20 years, Reflex WMS offers e-logistics providers a comprehensive solution in order to:

  • Deliver exceptional quality of service: stock and picking accuracy, delivery times are met
  • Increase productivity: handle all e-commerce picking methods and mechanization systems
  • Handle all flows: home delivery, click & collect, ship from store, drive…
  • Handle the highly seasonal nature of the business: able to handle large volumes and easy for users to learn
  • Handle the high level of rotation and/or increase in number of items: agility to upgrade the solution
  • Increase efficiency in managing returns: reception, control, restocking, etc.

An efficient and robust WMS

Reflex is robust and able to handle large order volumes. Deployed at Dutch e-commerce leader, our solution is used by 1400 users simultaneously and manages 15 million items a year in a 135,000m2 warehouse.

Fully customizable warehouse management software

In addition to Reflex’s multiple configuration options, specific developments can be carried out on the solution to fully adapt it to your needs without jeopardizing its stability during version upgrades.

Quick and easy for operators to learn

The screens are intuitive and user friendly so operators soon learn how to use the system. You will increase productivity and easily absorb peak loads.

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