Reflex LMS: Labour Management System

Boost employee productivity and monitor logistics activity in real time.
Measure employee productivity

Compare task duration according to actual employee productivity—individually, within a team, or across your entire workforce.

Strike the right balance between workload and staffing

Identify under-staffed tasks in real time and redeploy operators to where they’re needed most.

Optimize moves

Group orders and optimize picking performance with an AI-powered system based on advanced criteria such as urgency, transport cut-off, and warehouse mapping.

Reflex Labour Management System delivers up to

productivity gains
more orders shipped on time
automation of administrative tasks

Measure operator productivity

  1. Measure the performance of each logistics process in real time.
  2. Measure operator activity and identify unproductive tasks.
  3. Track your employees’ learning curve.

Identify improvement opportunities

  1. Detect performance anomalies.
  2. Identify inefficient processes.
  3. Set alerts and notifications.
  4. Identify operator training needs.

Redeploy operators to the right place at the right time

  1. Identify over- or under-staffed tasks.
  2. Redeploy operators from one activity to another as needs dictate.
  3. Assign the right operator to each task based on skills and productivity.

Reduce moves for optimized picking

  1. Schedule orders according to various criteria such as urgency, transport cut-offs, etc.
  2. Automatically group orders as they come in to keep movements to a minimum.
  3. Ship all orders on time, even the most urgent.

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