Reflex Transportation Management

Integrate transportation functions into your logistics processes.
Minimize transportation costs

Choose the best mode of transport for each order. Optimize load consolidation and maximize truck occupancy.

Meet cut-off times

Increase your service level by coordinating order preparation and shipping operations according to carrier deadlines.

Reduce environmental footprint

Reduce vehicles and emissions by optimizing load consolidation. Maximize transport occupancy with precise capacity calculations.

View activity in real time

Anticipate risks and respond quickly to changes with real-time 360º monitoring tools. Track orders end-to-end.

Optimize shipping operations for courier, parcel and express

  1. Organize multi-carrier shipping processes
  2. Calculate fares
  3. Prioritize orders in real time according to transport cut-off
  4. Optimize cargo consolidation by selecting the most suitable transport unit and packing
  5. Improve communication and documentation with EDI technology

Optimize shipping operations for chartering

  1. Simulate volumes and optimize load consolidation
  2. Calculate costs and compare fares
  3. Pre-invoice
  4. Control and reconcile invoices

Integrate Reflex Transportation into your IT ecosystem

  1. Integrate quickly and seamlessly with an extensive catalog of APIs
  2. Gather all relevant information for transport optimization (volumes, appointments, risks, and more)
  3. Track orders end-to-end through native integration with Reflex Order Tracking
Want to optimize your transport logistics processes?

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