Unified inventory management

Gain comprehensive, precise, real-time stock visibility across your logistics network—warehouses, urban hubs, stores, factories, partner sites, and more—with the Reflex Unified Inventory software.
Get real-time stock data

Pull together stock data, at SKU level, from all your systems—ERP system, WMS, e-commerce platform, retail outlet management system, and more.

Track moves

Share real-time data you can rely on with your teams, customers, and partners, giving everyone total transparency over logistics operations.

Increase customer satisfaction

Get precise, real-time stock level and location data for your entire network.

Gain comprehensive, granular inventory visibility

Our application gives your teams, customers, and partners precise, real-time stock visibility across all your sites:

  1. Share data with project teams, sites, users, and partners
  2. Manage roles and permissions
  3. Customize views and filters
  4. See all move details in just a few clicks

Roll out quickly

  1. Full-SaaS: roll out in just a few weeks
  2. Open data model: aggregate data from across your ecosystem
  3. Customizable data: enrich the data model to meet your needs
Need comprehensive visibility of your stock?  

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