Drive-through and urban logistics management software

More and more local logistics sites are springing up as retail models and consumer practices evolve. With Reflex, get a fully mobile WMS for managing stock and optimizing logistics processes at drive-throughs and urban hubs.
Manage all your urban logistics sites with a single tool

Manage drive-throughs, urban hubs, dark stores, and remote stockrooms all in one place with a feature-rich application. 

Gain comprehensive stock and order visibility

Get comprehensive, real-time visibility of orders, stock, inter-site flows, and end-customer deliveries. 

Adapt as needs evolve

Roll out and upgrade the application quickly, so you can keep pace with new logistics challenges. 

Streamline your processes

Give local teams the flexibility and versatility they need with our fully mobile, intuitive software.  

Drive-through logistics management

Developed in partnership with our customers, Reflex is the practical answer to logistics challenges at your drive-throughs:

  1. Manage all drive-through types: preparation hubs for store delivery, dedicated drive-throughs, dedicated in-store stockrooms, store picking facilities, and more.
  2. Boost employee productivity.
  3. Optimize product storage and reduce shortages.
  4. Synchronize and consolidate orders for real-time, precise cut-off management.

Urban logistics management

Local logistics sites in urban and suburban areas face a distinctive set of challenges—and our software provides practical answers that work:

  1. Efficiently manage cross-docking processes and optimizes inter-site transfers.
  2. Detect stock shortages and trigger replenishments between storage locations.
  3. Use part of your logistics warehouse as a retail outlet (cash-and-carry model) or customer order collection point (counter, automated locker, etc.).

Software designed with the challenges of urban logistics in mind

Work efficiently 

  1. Optimized management of multiple processes on a single site: cross-docking, order preparation with local stock, self-service area, click & collect, and more.
  2. Synchronization with transport systems: transport volume estimation, fill-rate optimization for last-mile delivery vehicles, and more.

Keep customers happy

  1. End-to-end order tracking.
  2. Streamlined management of inter-site transfers to fulfill and consolidate preparations for the same order.
  3. Dynamic sequencing of order preparations according to delivery or customer handover time.

Manage and monitor in real time

  1. Reliable, real-time stock information for all sites.
  2. Logistics activity reporting.
  3. Problem alerts: stock discrepancies, disputes, missing items, preparation delays, and more.
  4. Logistics performance and omnichannel service levels per site or network-wide.

Manage automated systems

  1. Management of mechanized micro-fulfillment systems to optimize storage space.
  2. Orchestration of order preparations and other tasks between operators and automated systems.
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