Reflex Voice: voice picking system

Make your picking operations more productive, efficient, and intuitive with software that guides your operators step by step.
More productive

Free up your operators’ eyes and hands: no screens to read, no devices to pick up, and instructions delivered to their ears as they work and move.

More reliable

Make picking easier for your employees with instant error notifications and less distractions.

More intuitive

Adopt a pick by voice system that requires no training, meaning your operators are productive from day one.

Our voice picking system delivers up to

productivity gains
fewer errors
less training time

Benefits of the Reflex pick by voice system

Short dialogs

Designed for operator agility and comfort.

Android + Bluetooth

Compatible with Android devices and market-leading headsets (NFC).


Adapts to your procedures and receives updates.

No training required

Operators are productive from day one.


Users can use the screen and the keypad as needed.


Users can select their own language.

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