Reflex Labour Management System (LMS)

Reflex WMS includes Reflex Labour Management System (LMS), a module designed to substantially reduce scheduling work through automation, ensure orders are picked and shipped on time, increase productivity in logistics warehouses, and reallocate resources on the fly.

Real-time management of warehouse resources

Reflex Labour Management System (LMS), built into Reflex WMS, manages warehouse resources in real time, allowing users to honor delivery lead-time commitments and optimize logistics processes. 
The module lets logistics providers:
  • Automate real-time calculation of human and material resource needs 
  • Reallocate resources on the fly as new orders arrive 
  • Sequence order preparations and flows in real time
  • Manage and even out logistics operations
  • Gain detailed logistics productivity insights


Pilotage en temps réel des WCS


Ordonnancement en temps réel

Dynamic resource

Intégration WMS / WCS simplifiée

Management of
logistics operations

Agilité pour mécaniser les processus

Detailed productivity


Dynamic sequencing of order preparation

With its built-in algorithm, Reflex LMS automates scheduling work according to known constraints—temporal (deadlines, transport cut-off, priorities) and resource-based (availability of human and material resources). The module lets users reallocate resources on the fly as new orders come in, based on the features of those orders (volumes, deadlines, priorities, etc.), as well as calculating optimal order-preparation grouping arrangements to drive productivity and fulfill lead-time promises.

Dashboards for managing and evening out operations

Reflex WMS gives warehouse managers intuitive, user-friendly dashboards containing all the information they need to manage every aspect of logistics operations—from new orders and lead times, to operative and machine workload, and delays—and allocate the right resources to the right place at the right time. 

The module also includes an alert system, with suggested resource-optimization measures, to inform real-time decision-making as operational realities evolve.

Detailed, real-time productivity insights

The in-built productivity indicators in Reflex WMS provide insights into operative output, efficiency (time spent on each task against predefined thresholds), and engagement rate (share of total time spent actually working). 

The module lets users consolidate data per team or per depot, so they can use transparent, data-based indicators to set motivational targets, or pinpoint where further training is needed. Meanwhile, progress charts provide a visual indication of operatives’ skills development. 

Real-time scheduling of logistics flows

Combined with the WCS Master module (real-time orchestration of mechanized and automated systems), Reflex WMS supports real-time sequencing of all flows—performed by both machines and operatives.

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