Reflex WMS SaaS: Cloud warehouse management software

With Reflex WMS SaaS, you can benefit from all the features of our Reflex warehouse management software suite without having to invest in the technical architecture or skills to use them. The solution, which adapts to your activity, provides you with added flexibility and agility, both in terms of computing power and number of users.

Logistics management software in SaaS mode


Fully customizable


Solution hosted and operated
by Hardis Group



Hardis Group offers Reflex WMS in SaaS mode to allow you to fully concentrate on your core business of logistics:

  • Software backed by 20 years of R&D and feedback to manage your warehouse
  • Shorter deployment times and updates available automatically
  • Billing tailored to your activity in the form of a monthly rental fee
  • Private cloud hosting in Hardis Group's data centers

Wealth of functionality and flexible configuration

Reflex WMS SaaS provides you with the wealth of functionality, predefined configurations and multiple configuration options of Reflex WMS to set up a logistics management solution tailored to your business, flows and processes.

Expert teams to support you

Since 2001, our teams have developed knowledge and industrialized processes with dozens of customers. They help you to accelerate the deployment of our warehouse management solution in SaaS mode.

A single contact person for your WMS

With Reflex SaaS, you have a single contact person to look after your logistics solution: supervision, in-service support, upgrades, strong service level agreements, support center available 24/7, etc.

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