WCS Master: management of all WCS from Reflex WMS

More and more logistics warehouses are embracing mechanization and automation as a way to drive efficiency, fulfill fast delivery promises, and make tasks less laborious. WMS Master supports real-time management and orchestration of all mechanized and automated processed from Reflex WMS.

Real-time orchestration of mechanized and automated processes

WMS Master orchestrates all mechanized and automated tasks in real time. The module, which is built into Reflex WMS, is designed to:
  • Reduce interconnection costs and times between Reflex WMS and all off-the-shelf WCS
  • Simplify exchanges between Reflex WMS and mechanized/automated systems
  • Manage and sequence mechanized and automated processes (load, flow, delays, etc.) in real time
  • Decide on corrective action and resolve unforeseen events in line with available human and material resources 
  • Speed up implementation of new automated flows.


Intégration WMS / WCS simplifiée

Easier WMS-WCS

Pilotage en temps réel des WCS

Real-time management
of WCS

Ordonnancement en temps réel


Agilité pour mécaniser les processus

Agile process


Easier WMS-WCS exchanges

WCS Master simplifies exchanges between Reflex and all off-the-shelf WCS—stacker cranes, sorting machines, conveyors, pick-to-light systems, order preparation robots, automated guided vehicles, and more. The pre-standardized processes and exchanges built into the WMS give logistics sites the added agility they need to implement new automated flows.

Dashboards for real-time resource management

The dashboards provide a single, real-time overview of all material and human resources across plants and warehouses, making it easier to manage logistics operations, and to identify and quickly resolve abnormalities as they arise.

Real-time scheduling of logistics flows

Combined with Order Flow Balancing and Labour Management System, WCS Master supports real-time sequencing of all flows—performed by both machines and operatives.

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