Reflex WMS for Factory: logistics software for industry 4.0

With Reflex WMS for Factory, we help manufacturers address their service quality, traceability, and product and packaging customization needs. The solution lets you manage your pre- and post-production logistics flows in real time, as well as making it simpler to manage your inventory.

A WMS that addresses the challenges of industrial logistics


Solution 100% mobile

Real-time inventory

Visibilité en temps réel

Product and flow

Préparation efficace

Logistics performance

Réduction des ruptures en linéraire

Fully customizable


Our Reflex WMS for Factory software is designed specifically for the latest generation of mechanized, automated, connected, smart factories:

  • Catering to growing demand for customized manufactured products and packaging
  • Shortening time to market
  • Making sure components are on the production line when needed
  • Providing real-time, detailed inventory insights
  • Addressing regulatory and quality requirements (flow monitoring and traceability)
  • Cutting logistics costs by using factories as storage warehouse

Real-time inventory insights for greater reliability

Reflex WMS for Factory gives you instant insights into all the products stored in your factories, from raw materials, components and packaging, to semi-finished and finished products.

A flexible solution that interfaces with your production software

Reflex WMS for Factory interfaces with your production software (CAPM, ERP, MES) out of the box and allows you to orchestrate your mechanized and automated systems. Our flexible application scales to your requirements, letting you manage incoming deliveries and inventory, make sure products are on the production line when needed, and handle outgoing shipments.

Traceability and compliance

Reflex WMS for Factory lets you track every aspect of your production logistics flows, from incoming component deliveries to finished product shipping. Our warehouse management software for factories complies with current regulations as standard (expiration dates, batch numbers, hazardous goods, alcohol, etc.).

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