Reflex Academy: e-learning platform

Thanks to our e-learning solution Reflex Academy, our customers and partners can easily and autonomously develop their knowledge of our Reflex logistics execution solutions. 

A Reflex-focused e-learning platform

Available in French and English, we continually create online training courses that are accessible at any time via a browser. The content is updated with each Reflex upgrade version.

These courses help all participants : 

  • Get to grips with Reflex at their own pace and control their own progress 
  • Learn with content that combines theory and practical cases studies 
  • Access content as often as they want and come back to a particular point at any time 
  • Confirm their newly developed skills with quizzes and learn about changes that are made regularly to Reflex 


Autonomie des utilisateurs


Gain de temps de formation


Immersive and
fun training

Continuous professional

The initial training course 

The initial training course covers Reflex’s main concepts and features. Focused on operational subjects (receipts, preparing orders, inventories, etc.), the course is made up of more than 25 short modules (from 5 to 15 minutes long) that include practical exercises and role plays to ensure in-depth understanding. A quiz with three to five questions - with instant answers - helps cement new knowledge. 


The configuration training course 

The configuration training course helps participants master more than 120 different settings and understand the order in which they must be created.  

  • The configuration elements are classified by theme 
  • The ergonomics of the solution makes it easy to reach a specific setting.  
  • Each setting is more or less detailed, depending on its level of complexity. Simulations, step-by-step instructions and exercises make it easier to understand.  
  • About fifteen features are deepened thanks to guided tours (storage problem, bulk location, users, permissions etc.) 
  • The modules are short and can be played independently.  

The Reflex Essential certification  

After the initial and the configuration trainings, the learner can validate his knowledge with the Reflex Essentials certificate: at the end of a 20-minute and 40-question exam, the learner can earn a certificate that can be shared on LinkedIn. 


The Reflex expert training 

More than ten expert courses are available after the initial and the configuration trainings. The modules, which last from 5 to 15 minutes, allow you to explore a specific functionality: picking, date management, pre-packing, pre-palletisation, etc. The modules introduce the general principles and use cases studies, as well as the implementation of the functionality. 

Reflex modules courses

These 5 to 15 minutes long courses enable the learner to discover and train to Reflex modules (ex: Labour Management System, hazardous goods, etc.) and to understand and implement the module through examples.