Logistics Software for retail outlets, drive-through and dark stores

The advent of omnichannel retail and changing consumer practices are behind a boom in local logistics facilities, from retail outlets and drive-through collection points, to dark stores, urban warehouses and remote stockrooms. With Reflex In-Store Logistics, you can manage stock and optimize processes across all these sites.

Manage local stock and omnichannel orders


Solution 100% mobile

Fully mobile

Visibilité en temps réel

stock visibility

Préparation efficace

Efficient order

Réduction des ruptures en linéraire

Reduce on-shelf stock


Reflex In-Store Logistics is a mobile application that caters to the needs of stores and new, local logistics sites:

  • Get accurate, real-time stock information: sales floor, stockroom and replenishment
  • Reduce on-shelf stock shortages
  • Spend less time on logistics tasks
  • Prioritize preparation work dynamically according to delivery lead times
  • Get a clear picture of upcoming orders, deliveries and shipments: click & collect, drive-through collection, home delivery, etc.
  • Manage multiple sites, transfers and restocking

Get accurate stock information and reduce on-shelf stock shortages

Reflex In-Store Logistics gives you comprehensive, real-time information about stock levels and locations—in the stockroom, in store, in urban warehouses, and more—so you can act quickly to avoid stock shortages, e.g. by stocking shelves with products in the stockroom, requesting a restock, ordering a product from another store, or using a substitute product.

Efficiently manage omnichannel services

Reflex In-Store Logistics makes a real difference when it comes to the customer experience, giving your retail outlets (stores, drive-through collection points and dark stores) a comprehensive, real-time picture of online orders and reservations, as well as stock availability, and restocking volumes and lead times. And our solution lets you manage store returns efficiently.

Boost retail outlet logistics performance

Reflex In-Store Logistics improves logistics processes across your retail outlets, drive-through collection points, dark stores, urban hubs, remote stockrooms, and more—from receipt and storage, through to order preparation and dispatch. What's more, it helps you raise service standards, make better use of your sales floor, and increase productivity.

The integrated reporting module gives you a comprehensive overview of store performance, spanning stock shortage rate, order preparation service level, employee activities, and more.

Boost retail outlet logistics performance

Get the benefits of a mobile, open application

Reflex In-Store Logistics is a mobile solution that works on a tablet or smartphone and interfaces other applications such as your ERP, e-commerce platform, checkout and store management software, Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS).

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