FM Logistic adopts Reflex WMS in France and abroad

The project at a glance

FM Logistic has chosen Reflex WMS to gradually replace its warehouse management software packages which were developed in-house. The solution has been customized to meet the specific needs of the logistics service provider's customers and to ensure that its internal teams can deploy it rapidly in France and abroad. It has become the leading solution for the whole group for managing the activities of its customers who have complex logistics flows.

Business sector: Logistics service

Sites: Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe and Latin America. -23,300 employees

Solution: Reflex WMS

“Since implementing Reflex WMS, we have been able to handle pick-and-pack operations more efficiently. We have optimized our complex picking operations by implementing the numerous picking management and slotting strategies offered by the tool.”

Rodolphe Bey

Reflex Department Manager - Warehousing Support Director, FM Logistic Group

Context and objectives

Since its creation in 1967, FM Logistic has gradually established itself as an international leader in warehousing, transport and packing, particularly in consumer goods, distribution, perfume/beauty, manufacturing and health markets.

To manage logistics for its customers' 300 or so different businesses, FM Logistic has historically relied 60% on WMSes developed in-house but the investments required to adapt them to complex picking operations and the specific needs of e-commerce and omnichannel retail turned out to be too costly. In 2013, the logistics service provider decided to gradually replace them with an off-the-shelf solution, enabling its in-house IT services unit to focus on software integration rather than specific developments.

The solution

In 2014, after examining solutions from several vendors, FM Logistic chose Reflex WMS. In addition to the solution's flexible settings configuration and robustness, FM Logistic was won over by Hardis Group's ability to design a core model tailored to its customers' business sectors and directly connected to its other IT tools to quickly get sites up and running one after the other.

In March 2015, the solution was implemented to handle cosmetics products and since then, the core model has been expanded for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and capital goods sectors. Thanks to the support and skills transfer from Hardis consultants, FM Logistic teams are now capable of autonomously deploying and integrating the solution on an industrial scale. Reflex WMS is now used in a total of 24 business activities in France, Poland, Russia and Ukraine, with deployments scheduled in Czech Republic, Italy and Romania. FM Logistic is also continuing to migrate its former systems to Reflex WMS in France and abroad.

The benefits

  • A customizable WMS which is more stable and scalable
  • Optimization of complex picking operations
  • Implementation of a core model to reduce deployment times
  • Autonomy to deploy Reflex WMS
  • Easy to learn and a better user experience